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    Shawn Siegel

    Much of the cost of vaccine injuries, such as seizures and miscarriages, and lifetime autoimmune and neurological illnesses, simply cannot be calculated, Dr. Sherri. To deny the vaccine/autism correlation at this point is either ignorant or criminal, depending on the denier, but at the rate we’re going, by 2032 every boy in the U.S. will be diagnosed autistic, and who can even begin – or dare! – to list the costs associated with the attendant rampant loss of communication skills, mental acuity and independence?

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      Lydia Bush

      I totally agree Shawn. I had to see it happen twice in front of my own eyes. People are so blind and ignorant until it happens to them.

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        Autism happened right in front of our eyes, 40 years ago, right after a vaccination was given to our youngest, previously normal, son. Yet the damage to subsequent generations STILL continues, STILL accelerates, and is STILL denied. Meanwhile the public choses to believe that Government Agencies “protect” us from harmful vaccines their and additives.

        The only parents I know of to ever pull their heads out of the sand, and change their mindset, are those who have had vaccine disasters happen to them or other family members. I know from experience that although the older sibling may escape harm, that there is no guarantee that future sibling will not be affected.


          Dr. Sherri

          Thanks for your comments, Dorothy. I agree with much of what you have said. It almost seems sadistic to think that parents would fight to defend giving more than 40 doses of 16 different vaccines to their precious infants to “keep them healthy” with the thousands of reports from other parents who have lived a lifetime of disaster after vaccinations. However, millions more are aware of the dangers of vaccines than ever before…and have stopped. Stories abound of the conspicuous health observed in most unvaccinated children. The day will come, probably in a future generation, that we will view injecting fellow humans with animal DNA and chemicals as barbaric and appalling.

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    My jaw just dropped…..seriously! that is a boat load of money to spend on something that doesn’t work and can damage our bodies!

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    Marlene Duke

    Every day we see new stories about drugs being recalled, studies being untruthful etc. These are studies done by the manufacturers of the devices or drugs. Today one came out on yahoo news about doctors being paid by the manufacturer of a device and then fudging the studies. And yet people still believe in vaccinations. I can’t understand why, with so many of us calling for attention in this area, we aren’t being heard.

    Yes I understand it is about money. But why do they pay attention when other studies are shown to be wrong, or when drugs are recalled, yet they ignore information that documents our children are being injured or killed? It is so irritating. I got a mailer the other day about our water quality. The fluoride was at the top of its “safe” number, yet they are claiming there is no studies showing it is harmful. I wrote a long letter and gave them info about fluoride and 144 other cities who have stopped using it. Do you think it will make an impact? Sadly, it probably won’t.


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