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    Medical faculties, research staff, teaching staff and students are strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry which is often involved in financial support of the educational process itself. Information regarding pharmaceutical products including vaccines is filtered by the industry. In addition, medical students normally study about vaccines for only a few hours and doctors often don’t take the time to even read the package inserts.

    In comparison, vaccine critics have spent hundreds of hours, even many years, studying problems associated with vaccines and know far more than the average doctor.

    We are many who are frustrated, unimpressed and tired of trying to discuss vaccine ingredients, safety statistics, potential long term adverse events including carcinogenicty, synergy, interactions, secondary transmission, concomitant administration, etc. with under-informed, doctors. It is often blatantly obvious that the average doctor has minimal knowledge about the complex issue of vaccinations.

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      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Well said Leslie. Even worse, IMO, is that doctors simply don’t want to know the truth about vaccines.

      What if suddenly the scales peeled from their eyes and suddenly they realized all the disease they had contributed to… even though they took an oath to first, do no harm? Everything in medicine would have to change. Doctor would need to return to understanding the basics of healing the body — replacing missing nutrients and eliminating toxins (food and environmental.) A $900b/yr industry would collapse to caring for true medical emergencies (where it belongs) ….and we’d be a healthier society for it. ~~ Dr Sherri

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      I am not sure where you found the number of 40 doses of 16 vaccines all by age five. Please explain. There is the polio vaccine. Hepatitis a and b. Dtap which is a combined vaccine. Not even offered individually. Rotavirus which is oral not an injection. MMR is only offered combined and chicken pox. Even if you break them up that is 11 vaccines.

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        Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

        This is from the book, “Vaccine Epidemic.” . I am a contributing author to that book. Remember that most of the childhood vaccines have a minimum of three vaccine antigens. This is the same as getting three different vaccines, but all in the same shot (i.e. MMR and DTaP are each three different vaccines, administered in one injection.) Additionally, most of the vaccines are given 5 times: example: DTaP is given at 2-4-6 months, 1 year and prior to kindergarten.

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    Ed Howes

    35 years ago as expectant parents my wife and I read “Please Breastfeed Your Baby”, in which we were taught the mother passes immunity along to her breastfed baby and vaccination was not required. By the time our son quit feeding, it was natural to expect he had developed sufficient immune protection without vaccination. He contracted the normal childhood diseases (even though he did not attend public school) and recovered without incident.

    I now see these childhood diseases as immune system fortifiers because as a 34 year old man, our son has required an absolute minimum of medical attention and rarely misses a day of work due to cold or flu. I deeply regret that most parents do not get the information we found at that critical time and ignorantly compromise the health of their children for the sake of medical murderers and profiteers.

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      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Ed: Thank you so much for your comment and I agree with you completely. As a child, I wasn’t vaccinated. I grew up in a chiropractic family and vaccines were not even considered. I had all the “normal” childhood diseases too, missed a lot of the 3rd grade! But as a 53yo adult, I’m rarely sick, take only a small dose of thyroid medication and vitamins. All of my unvaccinated adult cousins can attest to the same story. Young parents have been brainwashed and terrified about these “childhood diseases” that a only one generation ago were a Right of Passage for the immune system.

      My hope and prayer is that soon, the tide will swing. And through example of adults who experienced the childhood illnesses and education by me and others, young adults will come to fear the potential long term, often irreversible, consequences of vaccinations more than they “fear” the short term consequences of fever, vomiting and rashes of illnesses that come and go within a 7-14 days, leaving behind a lifetime of strong immunity. ~~Dr Sherri

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      Comments like these give me hope for my future children. Thank you!

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    Health fitness

    I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your posts to be precisely what I’m looking for. Would you consider guest writers? I wouldn’t mind composing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome blog!

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      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      We may consider guest blogs but we reserve the right to accept, reject and edit the posts. If you would like to submit a topic, send to info @ for consideration

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    janice whipple

    I am a nursing student and am not completely for or completely against vaccines. I do wonder how we can argue with vaccines that have wiped out smallpox and made polio rare? And I don’t understand the argument that you don’t want your child to be the one out of a million who has a deadly reaction to a vaccine. Nothing in life is or ever will be 100% risk free. Your child could die from a peanut allergy, but we don’t say peanuts are bad for everyone. Why do we want to villainize all vaccines when we obviously are grateful to not have to deal with a disfiguring disease like smallpox. If there are “all natural” ways to stop these diseases then why have they not stopped them. I am not for all vaccines and I think it is wrong for anyone to tell us we have to give our children a vaccine. That is our choice, not anyone else’s. I just don’t understand why we villainize all vaccines because of mistakes being made by humans. I believe we let one mistake by a person make something all together bad instead of seeing that there was something good in it. I just wonder if our families were faced with disease as much as individuals were less than a hundred years ago, what we would think of vaccines. Also, do we not think that possibly many of our health problems could come from the unhealthy, innactive lifestyles that people lead today? I would very much like input as I am trying to get all the facts straight and decide what I believe.

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      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Janice, thank you for your comments and question. My suggestion is that you do a little more reading and review about the “eradication of smallpox” and the near-eradication of polio. Less than 10% of the global population was vaccinated for smallpox. That infection is among the group of illnesses called Filth Diseases. As the global population improved its hygiene, smallpox was going away on its own. Polio is a very long story for which we have been sold a complete bill of goods about the effectiveness of the vaccine. My book, Saying No To Vaccines, and my two DVDs, Vaccine Basics and Vaccines: The Risk, Benefits, Choices, go into all of this information in depth. This material represents more than 12,000 hours of research — I’ve done the leg work for you! All of my knowledge products are available at the store.

      The most immediate step for you is to study the package inserts. Since you are a nursing student and will no doubt be injecting these substances into adults and children, it is important for you to know what is coming through that needle. There is so much information available these days about the problems associated with vaccines, to not know is simply being lazy. “Vaccine-preventable” diseases come and go, mostly in 7 to 10 days. Vaccine injuries, on the other hand, can lead to a life time of illness and chronic disease, even death. Once most people assess the risks of the illness (something they have control over) vs. the risk of the potential side effects from the vaccines (which they have no control over), people do not need to be told not to vaccinate. They come to that conclusion on their own.

      Finally, why do we either “believe” in vaccines…or not? Why have we come to “believe” that injecting humans with toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, heavy metals, animal/human DNA, viruses and parts of bacteria is a way to keep us “healthy”? We finally realized that blood letting, leaches and skull trephination were barbaric. In the future, humanity will look back at the practice of vaccination for the sake of “health” and “disease prevention” will be categorized as a bizarre ritual that weakened and effectively dismantled the human immune system.

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        Julie Clark

        Dr Tenpenny, I’m an “old nurse”, having practiced for 25+ years. Fortunately, I’ve never given any vaccines but I did allow my kids who are now 30 and 25 years old to receive theirs. If I had it to do over, I’d definitely NOT give my kids any, and my daughter and her hubby aren’t vaccinating their three after I investigated for myself. Like the student nurse above, I just “assumed” they were the right thing to do but after a lot of reading and life experience, I would never inject known toxins into my own child or I to anyone else’s child. It makes me cringe when I walk into walmart or walgreens and they’re pushing flu shots on unsuspecting people. I just want to yell at them, “you don’t know how bad this stuff is–read the inserts!”. Thanks for letting me vent.


          Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

          Thanks for sharing, Julie! I hope you will take the young nurses under your wing and mentor them in your wise ways! ~~ Dr Sherri

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      mo garcia

      The last three cases of smallpox in the world…

      Rahima Banu, acquired smallpox naturally, variola major, and recovered. 1975 …
      Ali Maow Maalin, was vaccinated against smallpox, participated in smallpox vaccine programs, and still got smallpox, variola minor. and recovered … 1977 …
      Janet Parker, died of smallpox and was fully vaxed against it, in Birmingham, UK … 1978.

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      Janice, do you realize that the peanut allergy epidemic is CAUSED by vaccines? The vaccine manufacturers have, right from the start in the fifties, used peanut oil as an adjuvant! And no, they don’t have to include this fact on the package insert ingredient list for some reason.

      Of course, adjuvants are supposed to cause a reaction. In this case, the reaction is, that now the child’s body recognizes peanuts as dangerous, and reacts violently to them.

      Also, just because you react to a vaccine and then have antibodies in the blood does NOT mean you’re now immune to the illness. Looking at recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough in schools, sometimes in populations of kids of which 100% were fully vaccinated, you might realize that vaccines simply DO NOT work.

      The smallpox vaccine did not wipe out smallpox. Quite the contrary, it caused terrible epidemics, that would not have happened without it.

      Here is an interesting article about smallpox you may want to read:

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    I’m a pediatrician whose only been in practice for a little over 3 years. Since residency I’ve been learning more about the full vaccine story. During my medical education, I was hardly told the negative outcomes of vaccinating. We were told that the biggest medical advancement in pediatrics has been the introduction of vaccinations to prevent childhood diseases. As I’ve learned more about the bigger picture, I’ve come to question vaccinations more and more.

    I’m in a small private practice in a rural location. I work with 5 MDs and a nurse practitioner. Our associated hospital instituted a policy last year in which you either got vaccinated (shot or nasal) against the flu or you wore a mask during the designated flu season. Our clinic instituted the same policy. I decided that I didn’t want to get vaccinated this year and was fine with wearing a mask when the health dept deemed it flu season. There was much uproar when my partners found out I wasn’t vaccinating myself. What would patients/parents think when they asked why I was wearing a mask, and I replied, “I didn’t get vaccinated against the flu this year”? They were aghast that I wasn’t trying to talk parents who were deciding not to vaccinate or not fully vaccinating into doing so. I succumbed to the pressure and got the flumist. The most senior partner who has been in practice for 30 years states as her reason for being so pro-vaccine the following: she has seen family members and patients get nearly all of the diseases that we vaccinate against and had some of them die, she believes the information from the state agencies advising the use of vaccines and attesting to their safety, and doesn’t believe any of the reports against vaccines since they aren’t included in the state recommendations.

    Our clinic does not have a financial incentive to vaccinate. Our vaccines come from the health dept and are paid for with public funds. I don’t know what our reimbursement rate is for vaccine administration, but it isn’t much. Never in the discussion about vaccines that I had with my partners this past month did a financial incentive come out. It was all about following the recommendations, fear of litigation if someone contracted a disease and we hadn’t done everything in our power to convince them to vaccinate, and a supreme belief in the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

    I still have frank discussions about my vaccination questioning with parents who are not choosing to vaccinate or have questions about whether to do so. But, I feel an underlying pressure from my partners to be pro-vaccine. It feels like peer pressure during grade school to be part of the in-crowd.

    This is a tough topic for me of questioning the status quo and being told not to do so because it is threatening to deeply held beliefs and practices. I’m not one who likes to be the center of attention or to cause drama, but that is exactly where I found myself just by asking, “hey, what are we doing here?”


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      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Dear Dr Christine,
      I applaud you for your courage. You are absolutely correct: challenging the status quo is not easy but it is the right thing to do. If once a year we drilled a hole in someone’s head, would it be the ‘right thing to do’ because we do it every year? You are so very correct that we got no training about vaccine in school/residency, and we have been indoctrinated not to question the vaccine dogma (or any of the other medical dogma for that matter.)

      Hang in there and know you are not alone. You are doing the best thing for your patients…and for society as a whole. Go to and find like-minded colleagues. Connect with Dr Janet Levatin, here at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center. it is going to be up to your generation to stop this insanity. Thank you for your commitment to examine this practice and for being a truth seeker! ~~Dr Sherri

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    Dwight DuMond

    I live in Pensacola, Fl. I don’t know of any doctors such as yourself. Do you know of any in the Pensacola, Fl area?

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      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Sorry, Dwight. I don’t have a list. But has a list of “vaccine friendly” doctors. Maybe you an find someone there.

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        Kristen McCutchan

        The list for “vaccine friendly” doctors is at

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      Julie R

      My husband & I (28 & 25) have a 4mth old daughter who has not had any vaccines. We also live in Pensacola. We decided from day 1 that the drug/sex Hep B vax was ridiculous for a baby. When I asked about vaccines @ the 2 wk checkup, let me correct myself…I said “I have a few questions…” & was promptly interrupted with the comment “they are perfectly safe & there are a lot of rumors out there.” (If you invited my family to dinner at your house and prior to eating, you told me “the food is great…I swear there is not riddled with poison”….I would leave as fast as possible!) Because we were hesitant regarding the 2 mth shots, I asked for the package inserts. I told the ped that reading the inserts would be the only way I would CONSIDER vaccinating. Yeah, turns out, aside from the terrible ingredients, there are marketed (aka diet/twisted version) side effects versus actual side effects AND a lot of studies are performed on either kids infant-10yo and/or adults (very small test pools too).

      Needless to say @ the 2 mth checkup I made the Dr & her assistant nervous; had to sign a declination waiver…you could have heard a pin drop. Today @ the 4mth CU my daughter & I were KICKED OUT for routine visits and can go there only if she needs sickness care. This was “office policy” but upon request of written documentation, I could not get anything but the boot. I’m pretty sure the door hit me on the way out. I was told by her ex-ped that “we don’t want un-vaccinated kids to get the other (vaccinated) kids sick”. FUNNY…I thought the reduction and/or elimination of illness was the MAIN SELLING POINT! I’ve never been so disgusted by ignorance & poor treatment in my life. Thank goodness for the Dr. Sears list people posted on this blog! I will call the only Dr closest to us in the next town over, first thing in the morning. THANK YOU Dr. Tenpenny & everyone else for the support!

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    Hi Sherri
    Thank you for all of your information. I vaccinated 2 children and partially the other. The 2 fully vaccinated ones both have learning difficulties and suffered reactions after vaccines. In Australia people are bullied to the extent that now doctors will not take on a patient if they don’t vaccinate. I believe the case to be that the higher the vaccination percentage in Australia that the doctor has the higher the bonus. Those holiday houses do need to be paid for you know. Why oh why doesn’t this raise alarm bells. Big Pharma have a lot to answer for.

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      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      thanks so much for your reply.

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    Whenever a vaccine apologist attempts to demonstrate one of the most
    toxic substances on Earth is ‘safe’, I cringe. Seriously – how can
    ‘science’ justify injecting neurotoxic metals into an infant?

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    First and foremost, I’d like to applaud Dr. Tenpenny and all the others like her who are speaking out against the conventional medical establishment (and big pharma) and helping human kind. While I hate the system, I am so thankful for people like you.

    I am the father of a beautiful 5 year old son with Autism, and am extremely angry that my wife and I were tricked by his former pediatricians (and our government) into believing that the numerous vaccinations that he was given as a young child were not only beneficial, but also mandatory to attend school. We were never informed of any risk vs rewards, nor given any reading information (package insert, etc) as would normally be done with any other medications. As seems to be standard practice, the physicians told us what was due according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, and did it. We were never given a choice.

    After every vaccination, he came down with fevers and obviously felt miserable. What were we told to do…give him Tylenol, a liver toxic drug that I have no doubt only made things worse for him. That’s the way conventional medicine operates, “take this to cover up that.” Most physicians don’t seem to know the first thing about health, healing, and staying healthy, and they don’t want to know…and that makes me more angry.

    So now we find ourselves, like many other parents, desperate to find help for him – not only does he receive speech therapy, OT & PT, but we are also subjecting our little boy to all kinds of tests: CMP, ION Pediatric, MRT, phthalates & parabens, heavy metals, etc, trying to find out what’s going on in his little body. A five year old child should not have to endure this.

    I’m not saying that vaccinations caused my son’s ASD, but I sure wish he was never vaccinated.

    1. 9.1

      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Ziad, Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story.

      One of the reasons that giving Tylenol before or after a vaccine is so detrimental is that Tylenol depletes intracellular glutathione, the body’s most important antioxidant. Glutathione helps remove the toxic chemicals in vaccines that have been injected into the blood stream. Without glutathione, most damage is done. This is one of the many reasons I say emphatically that doctors need to study and relearn medical basic sciences — anatomy, PHYSIOLOGY and BIOCHEMISTRY. They also need to LEARN (most for the first time), PHARMACOLOGY, which is the mechanism of how drugs work and the interactions between medications. Most doctors have lost that long ago…and simply match a symptom with and new, 4-color glossy ad that is dropped off by a highly trained, smiley drug rep.

      I have a question: why is it when a parent has such a clearly documented story about a vaccine injury is it that they still hedge about vaccines being the cause of ASD, seizures, autism and a long laundry list of medical disorders? If your son broke his leg if a boulder landed on it, would you not blame the boulder? I’m very interested in responses. I hear it all the time and scratch my head.

      1. 9.1.1


        Hi Dr. Tenpenny,

        Regarding your question, “I have a question: why is it when a parent has such a clearly documented story about a vaccine injury is it that they still hedge about vaccines being the cause of ASD, seizures, autism and a long laundry list of medical disorders? If your son broke his leg if a boulder landed on it, would you not blame the boulder? I’m very interested in responses. I hear it all the time and scratch my head.”

        I have spent a lot of time thinking about, and quite frankly avoiding, your question because in my case, I feel extreme guilt for not doing more research on the topic before my wife became pregnant. I feel as if I contributed to, or even caused, my son’s ASD. I didn’t detoxify my body or my wife’s body before she became pregnant, and then I allowed misguided physicians to poison him. It’s hard to accept.

        Also, the vast majority of physicians disagree with you & some can show research (however poor) contradicting what you are saying. For example:

        These doctors have the mainstream media, and large, “trusted” organizations behind them. (The first problem I see here is convincing people that you are the one that is correct, and not them. The second problem is once you’ve convinced people like me, how do I then convince others?).

        Additionally, I’ve worked in healthcare for 16 years now, and almost everyone around me thinks I’m crazy for my beliefs about vaccines. These are “healthcare” professionals…although they would be more aptly named “sick care” workers.

        Finally, I didn’t mean to seem like I was on the fence about my beliefs. I have just found that when I take a more moderate approach (at least outwardly) to this subject, people tend to listen more and not just shut down and dismiss me for crazy.

        I don’t think they’re safe & will not get another or allow my child to have another, but with these opposing views, it’s hard to know who to believe.

        In speaking with my coworkers, I feel that many of them (although still a minority) don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies and vaccinations either, but are confused by opposing expert opinions (Much the same way as people are confused about the negative health ramifications of eating GMO foods). Also, we’re being bullied into getting vaccinated by having to sign wavieres and wear surgical masks. An interesting note, however, is that when I signed my refusal to get a flu shot this year, the list of potential “consequences” was identical to the list of potential side effects the shot can cause. So you signed a wavier either way.

        Again, I applaud you for your efforts. I reference your site frequently and turn people on to it as often as possible. Thank you. You are great!

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      I came across a neurologist from England who’s autistic son was healed. She has gone on to help many parents do the same with their children. Her message is about building up the intestinal flora and cleansing the heavy metals from the body. her name is Natasha Campbell and she has a website. i heard an audio interview with her on Dr. Mercola and it helped me really understand WHY vaccines are harmful. Especially to those who have compromised intestinal flora. There is a lot you can do to help your child, especially if your child is 5 or under.

      i have seven children and my older 3 were partially immunized. i can track there health challenges and compare them with my children who weren’t vaccinated. I have also connected the dots with dental care as well. i was not immunized (father was a chiropractor) but when i had children i hadn’t done my own research. i caved with all the pressure. Now that I’m educated i have confidence to do what is right for my children. Thank you for getting the word out!!

      1. 9.2.1

        Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

        Thanks so much for your story. Thank YOU for helping to spread the word.

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    Dr. Rhonda Kull

    Dr. Tenpenny,
    First, Thank you for all you do! I am a Chiropractor and I dont believe in vaccinating my children. I have done alot of research on this matter and my 2.5 year old daughter has not been vaccinated, of course I do get crap from my ped. and everytime he sees my daughter he says how long are we going to play this vaccination game. And I simply say we are not playing a game, its my choice as a parent. My daughter, myself and my husband all got Pertussis (Whooping Cough) (of which myself and my husband had been vaccinated against as children) The Dr. said this could have been prevented if you had a booster and she had her vaccination….My reply was now we all have lifelong immunity now and will not need to be vaccinated again. I am due to have our little baby boy here in a few weeks and he will not be vaccinated either.

    One of my paitents has triplets, 2 boys and a girl. She took them to get their 12 month shots and one of the boys went from a healthy 1 year old who was walking talking etc….to not walking, crawling, or talking….He has however in the last month started walking a year later and is delayed comparied to his brother and sister….

    My advise is DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! And you have helped me do that and i applaud you for all you do! Thank you

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    Fight schools requiring you’re child to be vaccinated when they “say” they will not let him/her into their school. I received a letter (before I knew I had options) requiring my son to be vaccinated. I went to my Pediatrician and asked him if my son really “needed” the Menactra vaccine. I asked him if it was safe, did it have any adverse side effects and how did his other patients do with it? He assured me it was safe and it was just an “old vaccine” that was relabeled.

    Well my son received the Menactra vaccine and the DTaP that day. Two weeks later he was very sick with a severe headache, dizziness and fatigue. My son has never been the same since! He gets constant headaches and has severe mood swings, and he is chronically tired. I very much regret this. Do you homework! Don’t believe everything you are told.

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    I just wanted to say that you are the biggest reason I decided to stop vaccinating my son. I borrowed your documentary from my mother in law. I sat through the entire thing, perplexed that I had allowed my son to be bombarded with vaccines at such a young age. We did delay his vaccines, and he received them up until he was a year old. I was not vaccinated as a child, neither were my 7 siblings. My mom used homeopathic remedies, we saw a chiro routinely as well. We were never sick. Then, when I was 13 something happened and we were taken away by DFS (now known as CPS), I personally think they gave my parents such a hard time because of us had been vaccinated. So we were put into foster care and we were “caught up” on our vaccines. I remember them making me feel very sluggish and weak for a long time.

    My parents did not vaccinate us due to religious reasons, so I never really looked to much into it. When I had my son I really had no idea how harmful vaccines are. I was skeptical of vaccines and didn’t want him to be given any with a live virus, I especially did not want him to receive the MMR and chickenpox vaccines. When I told his pediatrician, she told me he would not be able to go to school if he was not up to date on all of his shots (which I now know was a lie). She also told me that if he caught measles or chickenpox he would get very sick and probably die (also a lie). I remember when I was a kid, chickenpox was a normal part of childhood. Parents would take their kids to pox parties just to get it over and done with. But now people are so scared by what their doctors tell them could happen that they are blind to anything else.

    When my mother in law talked to me about vaccines and loaned me your documentary, it really opened my eyes and made me regret ever having my son vaccinated. I simply followed the crowd like so many people do these days. He is two and a half years old now and has not suffered any adverse effects, thankfully. I had my second child on December 19th and he is 100% unvaccinated and he will stay that way. No Hep B at birth, and when he goes in for his two month well baby visit he will not receive any vaccines, no matter how much the doctor might try to scare me into it. So thank you for opening my eyes which has allowed me to do the best thing I could do for my babies, not have them vaccinated.

  13. 13


    My husband grew up in a chiropractic family and received only a few vaccinations before his father became a chiropractor. After that he received none and had a very healthy childhood. As a young adult he spent several years in a third world country and received a large number of vaccinations before leaving. Within several months he began experiencing petite mal seizures. We began dating/were married after he returned to the states and about a year and half after we were married he began having grand mal seizures. We went to several chiropractors, doctors, and a neurologist before we finally met another amazing chiropractor who helped us learn that my husband’s seizures were caused by excessively high levels of mercury in his system. After supplemental and intravenous chelation therapy he is now completely seizure free and healthy. We know that there is absolutely no other source for this mercury than the vaccinations he received. I am just so grateful the damage was not long term and he has been restored to full health. We now have a young son who we are choosing not to vaccinate. With a healthy diet and active lifestyle (along with chiropractic care from his father who is now a doctor of chiropractic!) he is healthy as can be!

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    Are there any vaccines that are okay to get? We are about to have a baby and I would love to know what vaccines are acceptable and which ones aren’t.

    1. 14.1

      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      All can cause harm; none are necessary. Health and being healthy cannot come through the injection of chemicals, viral/bacterial parts, human DNA, animal DNA, aluminum and mercury into the body. The day is fast approaching when parents will fear the possible permanent side effects from a vaccine more than they will be concerned about transient childhood illnesses.

      1. 14.1.1

        Lori Langone

        “The day is fast approaching when parents will fear the possible permanent side effects from a vaccine more than they will be concerned about transient childhood illnesses.”

        That day is already here for this parent. Our son was vaxed according to schedule up to his 2-month well baby visit, when all of my new mom instincts started screaming that something felt wrong.

        After that visit to our pediatrician’s office is when I started researching and learning that there are much better and more effective (and safer!) ways to build immunity and true health than via vaccines.

        Our family will never again accept a vaccination for any reason.

        I’ve also found a wonderful chiropractor and some online parent groups that have taught me a lot. Fortunately, our son’s pediatrician has agreed to disagree with me about the importance of vaccines, and ever since our son’s 4-month well baby visit when I informed him that we were finished with vaccinations, he hasn’t said one word to me about vaccines.

        Our son is now a healthy, happy 10-1/2 month old who has only ever had a slight fever for one night, and who is bright-eyed, outgoing, walking, and learning to talk. I’ll do everything within my power to keep him that way.

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    Thank you Dr Tenpenny for your great work. I am a parent of 2 vaccine injured children, one is on the spectrum and the other one had learning difficulties plus other issues.

    I finally had the courage to stop vaccinating my children after I read your book “Saying No to Vaccines”. The last time I vaccinated, I told my pediatrician that I am nervous to vaccinate and he said, “vaccines are safe and effective.” Then he vaccinated my kids. I walked out shaking and disappointed that I didnt have the courage to stand up for my rights. I started doing research , every night for 2 hours. Now, 4 years later and 2 perfectly healthy unvaccinated kids later I decided to educate my community about the dangers of vaccines. I got someone to open a hotline and put information on it and I run a conference call every Tuesday to give people information on vaccines. I want them to make an informed decision.

    Unfortunately, as I was corresponding with your office about a live presentation in my community, two children were admitted to the hospital for whooping cough, and both were unvaccinated. The younger one was 6 weeks old, but was out of the hospital the next day. The 7 month old was hospitalized for several days. The doctor in our community made everyone get the Dtp vaccine, told daycare centers not to allow anyone who isn’t vaccinated to enter their Center, and blamed the unvaccinated children for the problem. This community of 10,000 families (with an average of 5-6 children each) respects this doctor for whatever he says and listens to anything that comes out of his mouth. There are less than 1% who aren’t vaccinated. He is getting everyone to gang up against them and pressuring them to vaccinate.

    The last conference we had, there were 500 people listening in, and I hope I opened their eyes to the fact that vaccines may be dangerous and it should be examined more. I would really like to have an open debate since this problem is spreading in my community in different states. All newspapers and magazines are pushing vaccines and bashing the unvaccinated. We need your help to empower those that are seeking the truth. Let me know what we can do, since it is becoming ugly. (My friend who doesnt vaccinate had her child thrown out of the special needs center and the therapist doesnt even want to see the child at home. ) Please let me know what you can do for us. It will effect over 50,000 families. Thanks in advance, Connie.

    1. 15.1

      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Connie, thank you for your bravery and for taking a stand. That is EXACTLY what everyone in your community needs to do. The “doctor” is obviously under-informed about what he is pushing parents to do. He puts on his pants the same way as anyone else in your community does — he does not deserve the idolatry that it appears he is given. You didn’t say where you were located, but my suggestion would be to purchase my vaccine DVDs. Use local churches, the library or a rec center to host viewings. You can host groups in your living room. I even had one person rent out a drive in theater and charge a fee for each person who came, simply to cover costs of showing my DVDs! I have done so much of the work already; the information is put together for your use. My schedule and local responsibilities are making it much more difficult to travel for speaking engagements such as the one you are suggesting. Get creative! You’re already doing such a great job!

      BTW, We are launching an online vaccine subscription library in few weeks that will be an archive of many 1000s of articles, directly from the medical literature, showing the damage done by vaccines.

  16. 16


    I do not immunize my children and have done a lot of research helping to make this an easy decision. I have learned to overcome the local challenges this brings, but my husband has been offered a job in China and i would love any input you have on foreign travels.
    thank you so much for all you do.

    1. 16.1

      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      Travel vaccines have the same potential side effects as all others. Vaccines do not prevent you from getting sick; a healthy, non-invaded immune system is your best line of defense. Travel vaccines are recommended and not required. For those countries that have Yellow Fever vaccine requirements, it is important to have a completed appropriate exemption before travel. ~~ Dr Sherri

  17. 17


    Great article, I have lost my trust in vaccines along time ago, and am hardly impressed with just about anything medical.

  18. 18


    The one thing you failed to note on the business side of it is that not only has the vaccine schedule been bloated, the well baby visit schedule has been bloated to go with it. More visits=more money. not to mention all the additional sick visits for unexplained fevers, rashes, allergies, ear infections etc. Financial incentive? You bet!

  19. 19


    Hi Dr. Tenpenny,

    My husband and I have just begun talking about getting pregnant. Do you have any book recommendations that are more biomedically modern that you can suggest for me to read? I feel like all the “pre-pregancy” books out there are outdated and do not take into consideration all the factors contributing to ASD, ADHD, and Asthma related conditions. I also feel like we have been so tricked by marketers as far as what foods are “good” for us by using all of the health claims on the labels. I know this is a bit off topic, but any guidance would be appreciated.


  20. 20


    I was skeptical about vaccines when I had my first baby. I had not done enough research at that point that I was willing to go against medical advice. She was not fully vaccinated, but had the majority. With my second, I was in the midst of reading and researching as much as I could get my hands on, but again, I just wasn’t to the point that I felt comfortable saying I think they are bad, and not have any good argument to back it up. When my second was about 6 months I finally read a forward from Dr. Blaylock that really opened my eyes on what happens to the brain and body as a result of vaccines. At that point I told my peds office that I did not want my children immunized any longer. I now have had a third and he is completely vaccine free. I am thankful, that while my children’s pediatrician wasn’t thrilled about my decision, she has not hassled me about it, and even went so far as to write down the books I had read. She hasn’t read any of them-of course-but at least she is respecting my decision. My problem now is that I am employed by a hospital that has vaccine requirements. I was required to have a DTaP last year that made my shoulders,hips and back ache horribly for weeks afterwards, and they push the Flu vaccine like it is the holy grail of healthcare. I would have had to wear a mask this year if I had worked at all, which I would have been happy to do to avoid getting the flu shot. I went back to school to do prereqs to apply to the nursing program at my local college and the flu shot is part of the course requirements, and I believe that is the standard around here. I am trying to figure out a way around it, but have yet to find a way to do it. Thank you for having such great information. I am looking forward to the day when our healthcare system wakes up and realizes how much damage these vaccines deliver to our children.

    1. 20.1

      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      THANK YOU for your candid honesty and for really telling it like it is. I’m sure that many parents share your thoughts and putting it in clear language will help many. I am a believer that good things can come from bad things. Your heartfelt story can be used to encourage parents to do their homework; learn from your experience. The Vaccine Research Library is launching in a few days. The collection of >3000 articles from mainstream medical journals documenting harm will be eye opening for many. The references can be printed, copied and handed out. Your help in this matter will be much appreciated.

      If forced to wear a mask vs a flu shot, I would choose the former. Have some fun with it. Put whiskers on it and make it be a badge of honor — and a point of discussion with your patients on why you have chosen this option. In fact, you may say that you are protecting YOUR health (we wear gloves to protect ourselves, right?) Another option is FluMist. I have heard military personnel tell me that as soon as they got the squirt up the nose, the ran to the bathroom and rinsed their nasal passages with warm salt water and colloidal silver. Those who did this had no residual; who who did not, had fever and flu-like symptoms for 3-4 days after the nasal vaccine.

      Be well. Stay in the fight. We need you. :) ~~Dr Sherri

      1. 20.1.1


        Fascinating option you give here!!!! Passing it along 😉

      2. 20.1.2


        At the risk of sounding like a hair twirling teenager–OMG! Getting FluMist and then rinsing it out is an outstanding idea. If I am unable to opt out of the getting the flu vaccine, this is exactly what I will do. I shall be armed with a neti pot filled with saline and colloidal silver. Thank you for that idea!

    2. 20.2

      Amara Russell

      You can press the religious discrimination issue at your local college…and because it’s a violation of your 1st ammendment rights to disqualify you from an education based on your religious expression they have to ultimately fold and allow you in if it’s a school that accepts any government money at all…and if they don’t require *all students* to have all the injections that they require of nursing students. The possibility of not being able to do a clinical rotation is there, but you may be able to find an institution that doesn’t require vaccinations, such as a nursing home – they really need people & sometimes their requirements are less draconian than conventional hospitals. I know a vaccine-free family who’s children are successfully getting into their desired conventional medical careers by being persistent about making the institutions follow the letter of the law and not discriminate. I say get your degree and then practice in a holistic setting where the religion of vaccinationism isn’t practiced; if there isn’t one…start one yourself. Great luck to you and Blessings on your path.

  21. 21


    Dr. Tenpenny,
    I have read your book and I watched your DVDs. They changed my life as well as the health of my family! I cannot thank you enough! I only wish that I had discovered this truth sooner. My question is with regard to the rabies vaccine for humans. I can’t seem to find much information about it. Oddly enough it was after my dog had a nearly fatal reaction to his rabies vaccine that prompted me to look into ALL vaccines. Now my worry is should my pet be exposed to a rabid animal and my family is forced to receive this vaccine, what can I expect? Any knowledge you can share would be greatly appreciated!

  22. 22


    Thank you so much for all of the information that you consistently provide. I’ve been reading about the hoax of vaccines for a year and a half now and will never get another one. I started my research while I was pregnant and was shocked to unveil all the lies we’re told about vaccines. I never thought to question them until I started researching what was best for my baby.

    Unfortunately, when my daughter was born, I was still a novice to vaccine research. I knew they were bad but I hadn’t memorized all the reasons, facts, & ingredients and ended up buckling somewhat to the scare tactics for a few of the vaccines. I absolutely refused the HepB for my baby at birth but they did give her vitamin K. Then, we were pressed to give her the DTaP because of the recent whooping cough “outbreaks” that our ped scared us with. My husband, mother, mother-in-law, & myself all got boosters for that as well. My daughter also received the rotovirus liquid.

    Thankfully, my baby hasn’t received any other vaccines and she is now 12-months old. In total, she only received 1 vitamin K, 2 DTaP, 1 rotavirus before I finally had the courage to stand up to our ped. My question is… are there any ways I can detox her body from the vaccines? Can I detox myself as well? How would I go about doing this?

    Thank you again!

  23. 23


    When we switched to our new doctor (because our old one changed. Administration TOTALLY got to him.), he told me straight out that he gets paid less because such a large percentage of his patients don’t vax. An office visit with him also costs less. It disgusts me that he gets punished even though he is the best doctor I have EVER had. He has more patients than he knows what to do with and there’s a reason for it!

  24. 24

    Bobbie Kerstetter

    My son is unvaccinated and starting school soon. I was just wondering if there was anything as far as vitamins to help his immune system to keep him strong?

    1. 24.1

      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      One of the best ways to keep him healthy is adequate vitamin D and plenty of sleep. Go to and at the top of the page is a tab about Vitamin D for testing and dosages.

  25. 25


    5 step for Brain Washing

    1-Removal from environmental influences
    2-Sleep Deprivation
    3-Pain if the person disagrees
    4-Pleasure if they agree, but very minimal pleasure
    5-Change in biochemistry

    Brainwashing trains people not to take risks
    Small amount of pleasure, large amount of pain.
    Many people would think this process applies to military boot camp. Reality is this applies to medical training also. Mix this in with large financial investment that medical school accrues and threats by medical boards for speaking against public policy and you have a recipe. A recipe for making “Tools” to push your wares.

    1. 25.1


      Scott, thank you for that perspective! It’s sooo true!

  26. 26

    Chantelle Baldwin D.O.

    When I was in medical training, when a parent came in questioning vaccines, they were called ‘Jenny McCarthy followers’. It was made very clear that questioning the vaccine dogma was unacceptable. Even the few physicians teaching us that did not vaccinate their own children kept it quiet. For survival, I too, was forced to keep Silent about not vaccinating my five children. It is refreshing to see more healthcare providers willing to Stick their necks out and publicly question. And I’d like to add Naturopathic Physicians to the list of practitioners more likely to be open-minded about not vaccinating. Thank you for your information and making it available for such a reasonable investment!

  27. 27


    Why do we all NEED to get vaccines?

  28. Pingback: 101 Reasons to NOT vaccinate – Part 4 | Immunisation Awareness Society

  29. 28

    Angel Todorov

    I am a parent of 1 month old child and I am very upset. I have a question: “Can I sue a pediatrician when he refuses to take care of my baby ONLY because I refuse all vaccinations?” I live in South Indianapolis area (Indiana) and I have real problem finding a pediatrician who will agree to take care of my baby since I decline all immunizations. If I can sue them, I will be glad, because this is unbelievable for me – a doctor to refuse to take care of someone only because of stupid vaccinations.

    1. 28.1

      Dr. Sherri

      Doctors have a right to discharge patients. Would you really want to have a physician take care of your precious baby if they didn’t want you in their practice? Actually, if you have a healthy child, you pro-vaccinating doctor did you a favor. Find a NP or PA or pediatric chiropractor to take care of your child and give you advice. You don’t need someone who simply want to give jabs. ~ Dr Sherri

  30. 29


    Thanks for your article and writing in general. Just a heads-up – the link to the vaccine resources does not work. I was so disappointed!

    1. 29.1

      Dr. Janet

      I’m glad you find the blogs helpful. Sorry the link did not work. I believe it was supposed to lead to Dr. Tenpenny’s Vaccine Research Library. Here is the current link:

  31. 30


    i’m willing to go through any legal barriers to get my daughter exempt and discontinue her from being vexed. i just read early on something regarding the pedi might release liability if the child gets sick. do i speak with my medicaid provider about that or the pedi? if anyone is getting government assistance such as fitapand receiving Medicaid through them, a waiver is needed (a barrier for me), and may anyone give me an example for a physiological exemption?


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