If vaccines are so beneficial, everyone must be in Universal agreement about how good they are, right? Wrong!

Millions have begun to question what they have been told about vaccines and are asking, “Why so many shots?”  Parents want to know which vaccines – if any – are necessary. Questions such as, “Are vaccines safe? What are the potential side effects? Have vaccines been tested for purity, or are they contaminated with stray viruses? What about all those ingredients in the shots – can injecting them into babies really be harmless?” Adults are rightfully concerned about what’s coming through that needle. They are raising eyebrows about not only about injecting chemicals, heavy metals and animal cells into their children – but are concerned about the effects on their own body.

Convinced that Vaccines are Unsafe but Need Scientific Proof? You need information that gives you “The Other Side of the Story.”

Pro-vaccine information is as abundant and as easy to find as ice in Antarctica. But there is a large body of overlooked medical and scientific research that shows the other side – and chronicles the heartbreaking disasters and long-term health consequences caused by vaccines. The problem is that locating this information can be challenging, difficult to interpret and very time consuming to dig out.

Until now.

The Vaccine Research Library is a one-of-a-kind collection of medical and scientific studies revealing truth about vaccine dangers. The information has been amassed by sifting through tens of thousands of medical abstracts and full text articles hosted in Pubmed, Scholar, Quertle, Biomed Central and more. Complex information has been extracted from scientific journals such as Nature and Science, and from releases by the CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS, and Pharmcast. The evidence has been examined and categorized. The Vaccine Research Library is a no-nonsense, sobering collection of the actual clinical studies and papers telling “The Other Side of the Story.”

Now, all in one place, is the irrefutable science you need to defend your position against vaccines. You will be able to prove your point, protect your health and that of your children, write balanced news stories, or support  legal cases.

In light of the nationally publicized bird flu and swine flu vaccine scandals over the last several years, (and others that were not as widely publicized), parents, non-parents, grandparents, teachers, nurses, healthcare providers, journalists, serious and casual researchers, and even military personnel are questioning the safety and necessity of vaccines.

Around the world, people are fed up with accepting the Vaccine Industry’s propaganda as “scientific proof” of efficacy. Intelligent and inquiring minds want to examine the science for themselves. They want evidence to support what they intuitively know: The Party Line about vaccines is a charade, perpetuated to bolster profits and expand Big Pharma’s cartel.

A repository of compelling information, this research library like no other!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, physician, vaccine expert, educator and health freedom advocate, and her team, have assembled an ever-growing collection of scientific and medical references that debunk the conventional, pro-vaccine stance. The information has been organized into an easy-to-navigate repository.

The Vaccine Research Library was created so that hard-to-find science can be quickly identified. The Library includes Dr. Tenpenny’s personal vaccine research article collection she has gathered over more than a decade while working to educate parents about the hazards that can be associated with vaccines.

Everyone needs this knowledge because everyone needs to be informed on the truth about vaccines:

  • Consumers will find the Vaccine Research Library a priceless resource for scientific material that supports their decision to avoid vaccinations.
  • Parents will find the tools in the vaccine exemptions section to support their right to refuse and to fire back at faultfinders who criticize their choices to not vaccinate.
  • Lawyers will want to access this special library to add scientific depth to vaccine injury cases.
  • Journalists who discover that CDC, NIH, FDA and a long list of medical establishment journals have only pro-vaccine information will find scientific material to give stories a truly balanced perspective.

The Vaccine Research Library has links to thousands of articles, collected together, all for easy review. Look at these categories… and you’ll have an idea of what you will find:

  • Category — Additives
  • Category — Adjuvants
  • Category — Animal reagents and cell lines
  • Category  — Chemicals
  • Category  — Preservatives
  • Category  — Stabilizers
  • Category  — Adolescent vaccines
  • Category — Individual vaccines
  • Category — Vaccination Exemptions
  • Category — Vaccination in Special Circumstances
  • Category — Vaccination Legal Issues
  • Category — Vaccine Industry
  • Category  — Vaccine Side Effects

This is a living, growing library that adds information every day.  You’ll want to check back continually. The conventional medical and scientific literature publishes new research on the problems, side effects and complications caused by vaccines every month. We’re tracking it – and capturing it all in one place under the New This Week tab.  Members will have access to new information as it becomes available published articles, references and releases.

It’s shocking to know that nearly every day, we find conclusions and hidden admissions that vaccines are not safe and do cause harm. Many of these discoveries are absolutely over-the-top and egregious. You’ll find yourself screaming at the computer phrases like, “HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH THAT?”

To shed light on this quickly, the home page of the Library has free access to an area called the Scream of the Week.You can post these links on your Facebook page and share through other forms of social media, educating and alerting your friends to the preposterous information promoted by the “vaccine industry.” Be sure to share these links with your doctor and your boss, persons who often only parrot the Party Line about vaccine safety and efficacy.

The Scream of the Week allows you to rank the information. You can let us know how loud you screamed:

  • 1 Star Scream — Sigh/eyes rolling
  • 2 Star Scream — Aggravating
  • 3 Star Scream — Gut wrenching and sad
  • 4 Star Scream — Unbelievable — what’s next?
  • 5 Star Scream — I’m outraged! Take Action!

The 5-star screams will be posted far and wide, sent out to radio, print, journalists and television outlets. You will help us determine what information needs to be broadcast to the world. The nonsense that there “is no proof” that vaccines cause harm will be quashed once and for all.

Concerned that reviewing all this information will be time consuming?  “Pre-search” takes the “grunt work” out of your research.

How much time do you spend on the Internet searching and researching…, searching and researching…, and searching and researching…..for reliable scientific facts about the problems associated with vaccines?

Because browsers and web crawlers deliver a large number of results, it can take hours to troll through page after page…after page…after page of search results. Then clicking on link after link. Then skimming through reams of material to find a particular fact. What’s worse is the exasperation you feel when you come up empty-handed – after investing so much time, you didn’t find what you were looking for.

But thanks to the Vaccine Research Library’s “pre-search,” the hard-hitting facts have already been extracted for your easy review. Key words from the article or abstract are black, bold and italicized, so you can identify exactly what you’re looking for. The material is presented in chronological order and some articles also contain comments and commentary in brown/maroon, bold, italics to help the lay reader understand the medical terminology. With the black, bold, italics, you can skim the selection and can quickly see if this is the morsel you are looking for. All you do is scan the listings, then “click and read.”

Access to this highly selective, hard-to-find information must be very expensive, right?

It costs a lot of money to build and maintain a database with highly specialized information. Do a little checking on the cost to access conventional online medical libraries, such as MDConsult.com or EurekAlert.com or FeedInfo.com. Check out the cost of reading only ONE full text article from a medical journal – it can cost $25, $37 or $57 – or more, making access to these services cost-prohibitive. Many times, you’ll find the title of the article and the conclusion of the research were very incongruent.

It’s easy to see that access to the thousands of article links supporting your right to refuse vaccines should be worth a LOT of money. 

Now think about how much you are paid per hour in your Day Job. Take that dollar amount times the hundreds, even thousands, of hours you spend on the Internet, searching for information that can be frustratingly difficult to find.

What is the dollar amount you came up with? Eye-opening, isn’t it? 

While the value of the Vaccine Research Library is extraordinarily high, we have made the membership cost extraordinarily low.

The annual membership rate has been drastically reduced: A one year membership to the Library is worth thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of your time, you can have full access to thousands of references for only $9.98 per month (for quick research of a specific topic) or only $99 – for a full year!

Can you imagine? That’s the cost of 2 video rentals or two large Starbucks coffee drinks.

For less than $10 per month – the cost of two Starbucks coffees –  you will have access to an ever-growing collection of information from conventional medical and scientific literature that proves, once and for all, that vaccines are not all the government, medical and pharmaceutical industries would have us believe. The savings in time ALONE, is worth many times that amount when you need a time-sensitive fact or explanation.

There’s not much more to say that hasn’t already been said! For an overview and  A FREE TRAIL, go here

Ready to join? Go here now

.…more features and videos will be forthcoming to the library~ 





17 Responses to “Announcing: The Vaccine Research Library”

  1. That’s wonderful that you have compiled such an amazing resource! Unfortunately for many stay-at-home mothers the price us out of reach. But I’m glad I do not need any more proof that vaccines cause harm and are not for my children. I did spend those 100+ hours researching to make this decision! This is great for parents who aren’t sure and have those $125 to spend for the well being of children. :)

    • I understand. There is a 14 day FREE OPTION for MMR, Pertussis and Aluminum. Once you see how much information is there…and then you can decide if there is enough value to invest in your education. There is also a $75 for six months option. To invest $125 for 12 months ($10.41 PER MONTH) for an education you will not be able to find elsewhere is a bargain. How much does a life time of ill-health cost?

      • I’m not opposed to the price overall, but maybe if there was a monthly option, as in, that $10.41 per month is paid per month instead of all at once, it would seem more affordable.

  2. Has Incentive #1 beenfilled already? I want this one, but I do not find it among the options under the “ready to join?” link!! Please advise!

  3. It is a wonderful resourse, I do understand its cost alot of money to gather the information, however I still think its out of reach for most people who need the information most…

    • Some things in life — like an in depth, specialized education — you simply have to pay for. There is a lot of free information every day on Facebook, the DrTenpenny.com website and all of the many radio interviews that are recorded and on line.

      Try the two week FREE option. If you don’t feel the Library has enough value for $125 for a FULL YEAR ($10.41/month), then don’t join. That’s all there is to it! Since we launched the library earlier today, many from around the world have become members. Rather than criticism for starting a membership sight, I’ve gotten MANY private emails with positive feedback; people are amazed at how much information is there that cannot be found anywhere else and are appreciative of all the work and money it took to build.

  4. A great offer. Please sign me up.

  5. A great offer – Please sign me up.

  6. So is there an option to pay monthly? Like to have automatic withdrawal? For me the hang up isn’t $10/month (I know it is well worth it and a great deal) it’s the $125 all at once, which is harder to fit into a budget than the $10/month :)

  7. Do the legal categories refer to published medical studies addressing those issues? Anyway, if I can be of assistance with any legal exemption-related matters, please don’t hesitate to ask. In the meantime, the medical studies could be of potential use not only to injury cases, but to a number of non-injury, exemption-related legal matters as well. This is a terrific concept–bravo!

  8. It is interesting that even with all the anti-vaccine information at our fingertips, people will still not believe that they are harmful. The indoctrination is so deep that it is nearly impossible to break. Especially with doctors. But, there are other factors that play into doctors’ acceptance of vaccines.

    Thanks for the valuable, time-saving resource. It is also interesting to read the vaccine inserts. The vaccine manufacturers are fairly open about the possible dangers. It seems for many people the benefits outweigh the risks…unless their child is damaged. Then…well, hell hath no fury..

  9. I like the concept. I have been a natural health educator for over 20 years, but think that your price is a bit much for the average person seeking to become well informed on the danger of vaccinations. Is there a sliding scale or wavier for those who cannot afford a year’s subscription? Keep up the good work.

    • We understand but this is the price. $99 for a year is $8.25/month, more than reasonable overall to support the amount of work that goes into collecting all the different articles and links for the library. Thank you in advance for your support.

  10. This is a great idea! I was about to buy the one-year-access when I realised that I need to get one thing straight before I pay. I´m running an antivaccine-website, http://www.vaccin.me (Swedish) and that is the reason I wan´t to have access to this library. We are two women that write and publish articles almost on a daily basis. My question is – if I pay for the access, can my co-writer on the website also have access for the same price? Or do we need to pay twice the price in order to both be able to access it? I myself live in Finland, and my co-writer Marina lives in Sweden, so we are pretty far from each other … The library would be of great importance when we publish articles and answer critical comments that we always get from vaccine-loving people.

    Please take a look at our sight to be sure we are very serious about gathering and sharing information!

    Best regards, Linda

    • Unfortunately, you cannot both use the same membership because the registration is connected to your IP address. If budgets are tight, I’d suggest that you both sign up for a six-month subscription at $45USD to try it out. That’s the equivalent of a one year membership. And remember, the fees are used to offset the cost of the researchers and others whose work you are using for your site! Keep up the good work and thank you for supporting all Dr Tenpenny does to educate the community.

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