by  Janet Levatin, MD

Molluscum contagisoum is a form of warts caused by a virus that infects the skin. Very common in children, it causes multiple small, fleshy bumps to appear on the trunk, arms, face, and other areas. While not dangerous, molluscum lesions can be itchy, inflamed, and unsightly. The infection is spread by direct contact, and can last for months, or even years.

The lesions can last a few weeks to months, but via scratching, the virus can spread and inoculate new sites and keep the condition going. Physicians seldom offer treatment but when parents insist on removing the unsightly bumps, conventional treatments can involve removing the lesions surgically or with a laser, or applying a topical medication. The approaches typically do not work very well because they do not address the root cause of the problems, which is that the body is harboring a virus.

A treatment that can be very successful, nontoxic and easy to use is homeopathy. Here is a report of recent case I treated in my office: A 10-year old boy was brought in by his mother with 25-30 molluscum lesions on his trunk and arms. He had picked at them, and his mother had tried to treat the itchy and inflamed sites with tea tree oil without results. He did not want to attend gym class because he was embarrassed about how his skin looked.

During the assessment, I asked questions not only about the warts, but also about his general health and his personality. Understanding the whole person, not just the “problem,” is important in homeopathy. I chose a homeopathic medicine and recommended he take it once daily, for three days. I told him he should expect his warts should be gone in a few weeks. Nearly six weeks later, his mother called to report that indeed, the warts were all gone. She was pleasantly surprised that his allergies had improved as well.

Homeopathy is fun, challenging and most importantly, can be used successfully to address conditions for which there are no conventional medical solutions. I have used homeopathy for treating many other conditions in children including teething, ear infections, viral illnesses, vomiting, diarrhea, behavioral and sleep disturbances, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, and more. I also treat adults with complex problems that seem to have no resolution. Don’t be discouraged and think your only choice is a drug-based recommendation. Give homeopathy a try!

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  1. My daughter was diagnosed with Molluscum contagisoum several years ago. They almost completely went away and have returned. The pediatrician used the freezing method. I am wondering how to lead my pediatrician to the homeopathic route rather than the alternative of freezing. It was very painful for her. Can you tell me what you recommended or at the very least recommend an article I can leave for the physician? Sometimes this information is not at the tips of all physicians fingers and it would be helpful to know what and how to ask for this alternative treatment. Thank you! Terri Jess

  2. When my grandson had this the dematologist perscribed a medicine that cost $600.00 & another one .That was way to much, and after reading side effects.I googled it and dound Walgreens had a medicine over the counter for it for about $20.00. IT WORKED GREAT. So much for the dermotologist.

  3. What homeopathic treatment did you use?

  4. what was the homeopathic treatment?????

    • Since homeopathic treatment is individualized to the person, and not to any particular diagnosis or diagnoses, I don’t like to include what the specific homeopathic medicine was in this type of forum.

    • Use clove oil. Apply twice a day till the spots get a small scab in the center about a week maybe two for mature spots. You should only feel a warm tingle when applied. My son had a hundred spots, then I tried the clove oil. It was amazing how quickly they disappeared. He is now molloscum contagious free. I had tried zymaderm, apple cider vinegar; but nothing else worked. This was so quick, effective, painless and cheap. Clove oil… Please try this first.

      • What brand and strength of clove oil did you use? Did you dilute it before applying?

        • i have been using clove oil for 2 days now i have been putting it straight on it does burn the skin directly unfortunately, something i am willing to endure if it has any hope of working!

        • I used Now clove oil. It seems to be the strongest. You can definitely dilute it. I used coconut oil, but any carrier oil will work. Be sure to put it in glass as it will eat most plastics. I used a dilution of about 40/60 clove to coconut oil. You could definitely dilute it moreover even apply directly if it is a weaker batch and you don’t mind a bit of stinging. But remember clove oil is a poison, like tea tree oil so do some research, use some common sense when using it. As an interesting side point, a coworker also used it to clear up his jungle rot. The stuff is amazing. Hope it works for you too.

      • Did or has any new bumps appeared since then? It has been said if ACV works, it tends to spread them around the area treated, Does clove oil seem to also have this problem. Thank You.

      • I use thuja 30 .but my son 7years he had moluscum.this madicine does not work

        • Hena, Thuja is only on homeopathic medicine of many that may be useful for warts in general and molluscum in particular. Homeopathy needs to be individualized to the patient, so it would be best to see a practitioner for treatment of an ongoing conditions such as warts or molluscum.

  5. Just a little more information, it is recommended that you dilute clove oil 20:80 with a carrier oil. Don’t use it you are in blood thinner, have certain medical conditions like kidney or liver problems, etc. Use caution when using any essential oil. Remember like tea tree oil it is a poison. It works, but use care.

  6. Clove oil worked for my daughter in less than a week. Diluted it in grapeseed oil. 80/20…. It’s less than $2 at Wal-Mart pharmacy counter.

  7. How do you dilute it how much clove oil ( teaspoon or just a drop etc). I just want them gone!!!

  8. Apple cider vinegar works, as does clove oil. There is also some research evidence that pure coconut oil helps too.

    There is so much information about molluscum and so many conflicting “cures”. For what it is worth I recommend you have a look at what I think is the best site for information and a guide to treating the bumps. It seems to me that the best cure combines the good work of apple cider vinegar other natural products like clove oil and tree oil. See this site:

  9. Grapeseed extract pills work amazingly.!!! I was totally cleaned up in less than a week after going almost everyday to my dermatologist to get frozen burnt. Any good brand should work. I took them for one month to prevent any return of the disease.

  10. Clive oil worked for us too. My 4yo daughter suffered for a year till they spread all over her legs and torso. Used clove oil 3 times a day and 2 weeks later they were gone for good!

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