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    Kristina Wofsey

    Dear Dr. Tenpenny,

    As a new nursing school grad, I find myself in fear of being refused employment by any hospital if I refuse to get an MMR booster (my blood titer did not show any Rubella antibodies) or the annual flu shots. While I managed to get through nursing school by signing a waiver for all required vaccines due to the fact that I was breastfeeding, I don’t see how I can avoid it when I begin my search for a job as an RN. Do you have any advice or recommendations? Any legal sources you can direct me to?

    I’m afraid to even think that I may not be able to work as an RN if I don’t follow along with the mainstream vaccination approach. I wonder if nurses outside the US can reserve the right to refuse vaccination due to personal beliefs yet still work at a public hospital. I appreciate you taking to the time to read my e-mail and offer any suggestions.Thank you for the enormous work you do on offering the truth about vaccines.


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      Dr. Sherri

      Sadly, this is becoming the “norm” because people have refused to take a stand and have let Authority Figures determine what can be injected into their body based on a long list of false premises. I would strongly encourage you to put together your argument for refusing the rubella vaccine by using the book, “Vaccine Illusion,” the VAERS database of debilitating arthritis caused by giving rubella vaccines to adults and asking the to put IN WRITING why you are a risk to others because YOU have no antibodies (truth is, if you don’t have an antibody, you are at risk (by their standards), not others.)

      That is why this argument for mandatory vaccines is so crazy! it is the same lack of thought that makes parents of vaccinated children “afraid” of unvaccinated children. If the vaccine works, what are they concerned about?

      I can’t do the work for you. Ask around. Find like-minded colleagues. You’ll have to start a movement and a local support group. Get a few of my DVDS and show them at your local church and library. We have allows this to get out of hand from a FEAR of reprisal from daddy/mommy-figures called “bosses.” Remember that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. We can only change it by being strong and challenging this paradigm to get rid of it, once and for all!

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    I really appreciate the time you took to draft the letter. Unfortunately I work in a health care facility that is mandating the flu vaccine. I feel that even if I were to submit your form to my employer, the end result will still be my termination of employment if I refuse the vaccine. I am not willing to quit my job (as all other hospitals within my area are also mandating the vaccine) but would like to know if there are things I can do to decrease my risks associated with the vaccination?

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      Dr. Sherri

      I had someone tell me this story recently: Her son was in the military and could not refuse the flu shot. He and a group of six buddies opted for FluMist, the nasal vaccine. They held their breath, and as soon as the squirt was completed, rushed to the bathroom and blew their nose. Then they rinsed their nasal passages with warm water and colloidal silver immediately, and every 3-4 hours for the rest of the day. Interestingly, the six of them were the ONLY persons in their brigade who were felt well and were without body aches over the next few days. This story may give you some thoughts about your choices. (This is a true story!)

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    Marianne Daugharthy

    I tried to open the file but none of the attached files in the zipped folder would open. A simple Word document or a document in Rich Text Format would be easier for everyone to access and use.

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      Dr. Sherri

      The entire letter has been posted as a NOTE on my Facebook page so it will be there permanently. Go to to retrieve it and for more information.

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    Sheryl Gauspohl

    I think the letter is great. The problem is, my employer is not “forcing” me to take the flu shot but if I do not take it I have to wear a mask while in patient care area (ie pt. rooms) the entire “flu season” or not work. How can we handle being singled out?


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      Dr. Sherri

      If it were me, I’d be happy to be “singled out.” We all have to be brave and take a stand against this systematic poisoning of the Population under the ruse of “health” and “staying well.” I would put whiskers on my mask and use it as a Talking Point of why — and how — you have chosen to stay well without the injection. It is an opportunity to educate and teach about hand washing, vitamin D (a level should be near 80ng/mL), good food, plenty of sleep, exercise and stress reduction. Nurses have been known to be the Great Educators for more than 100 years. Here’s your chance to be a leader! Maybe reading a few books on leadership, such as the book, “Power vs Force” may be helpful to bolster your reserves!

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    I am a RN working in a large, prestigious Cleveland medical center. The facility is now mandating flu shots, apparently having decided that we have no rights to bodily autonomy and informed consent. The also are pushing the TDaP this year. Any employee who “opts out” of the flu shot must wear a mask. Vaccinated employees are made to place a sticker on the front of their ID badge showing vaccination status, while the not vaccinated workers have no sticker. In other words, my personal medical and healthcare decisions are being broadcast publicly to somehow shame me. The effect is to make the “hold out” on-compliant employees into pariahs who have to explain to their patients that they are not sick but just not vaccinated. To refuse the vaccine, you must sign a statement admitting you agree with the employer that the vaccine is safe and effective, and accept responsibility and liability for the transmission of flu to any patient. Self incrimination before the fact. The policy violates the principles of informed consent and my personal religious beliefs, as well as many Constitutional rights. I have only been ill with the real flu twice in my life, both times immediately following flu shots. It was the sickest I have ever been in my life. I now take Vitamin D3 10,000 units daily and Vitamin C 500 mg. I have not been sick in years. I feel the flu shot policy this year is a stealthy segue into a situation with no opting out by next year. I am terrified. I am a single parent, and have family to support. To think that my employer can destroy my career and livelihood if I do not submit to forced drugging with dangerous substances is unthinkable. I feel I will soon face the choice of either losing my job, home, belongings, pets, insurance, and support for my children, or possible death and debilitating illness. Amazingly, the flu shot effects allegedly last just one year, perfect timing for the annual vaccination clinics. I think if we follow the money, we would see where that leads. I don’t want to end up like the former career RN educator who is crippled in a wheelchair for life from Guillian-Barre Syndrome after a mandatory flu shot. I sincerely doubt that my employer will support me and raise my children if I have a devastating reaction. Unfortunately, almost all health care workers I know are uninformed and uneducated about vaccine dangers and think they are safe. Nobody resists.


    Tifa, RN


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