Sandi Asazawa, P.A.

Sandi-5-1aSandi Asazawa has been employed as a physician assistant at Tenpenny IMC since 1999. She graduated from Kent State University with degrees in psychology and Allied Health. She received her physician assistant degree from Cuyahoga Community College.

As a PA, Sandi is responsible for seeing and educating patients. She is fully trained in allergy elimination treatment, reviewing lab tests (including spectracell tests, hormone results and themography scans). She has trained to teach patients to use TFT, Thought Field Therapy to eliminate fears and phobias and to reduce or eliminate anxiety. TFT/EFT are amazing tools for emotional health that Sandi has helped many patients learn.

Sandi has a particularly strong interest in the health of children and moms. Her patients have experienced great results eliminating symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, colic/irritable bowel, and many other childhood illnesses using allergy elimination (SRT). Natural asthma treatments help more than 80 percent of children get off their drugs.

Sandi has undertaken extensive training in Chicago to become a certified MammaCare® technician. She is highly trained in performing the specialized breast exams that are part of the breast thermography program at Tenpenny IMC.

I worked with Sandi going through SRT, the allergy elimination program at TIMC. Sandi gathers relevant information in a kind and gentle manner, showing interest and concern for information about my health. She is very skilled at identifying allergens. I always feel that she has heard me and works hard to find solutions to my problems. Thank you Sandi!”

Patients that are new to our practice usually want to first discuss their issues and or our approach to healing. Scheduling a phone consult with Sandi may be a good first step. Consults can be done over the phone or in person. The fee is $50 for 30 minutes. If you make a new patient appointment within two weeks of your consult, $25 will be applied to the first patient visit. If we decide after the consult that your problem is not something with which that we can help, the consult charge will be waived.

Sandi and her husband have an eleven year old son. She spends most of her time travelling to his Irish dance competitions and participating in Irish community activities.

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