Homeopathy was so helpful! Thank you!

I am so pleased with my experience with homeopathy! I have been seeing Dr. Levatin for just three months and already she has eliminated or greatly reduced many of my long list of problems that I originally came to see her for. She is extremely thorough, compassionate and a wealth of knowledge. I’ve seen homeopathy produce dramatic results in my daughter when we took her to see Dr. Levatin back in 2012. I must admit, I was still a little skeptical about how homeopathy would help me.

I had tried many things over the last few years trying to find relief from my problems and I cannot believe the changes that I am witnessing on just three months of homeopathic treatment! Homeopathy and Dr. Levatin have both exceeded my expectations by far! I will trust no one else with my healthcare. My only regret is that I did not go see her sooner! Thank you!   -Julie McGuire, Brooklyn, OH

Finally! Relief from pain! 

“To the team at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!!!

“I have been dealing with a tail bone pain issue since Sept of 2012. I am 39 years old. I am a VP of Supply Chain in the Aerospace Industry. Daily I interact with the service industry, air lines, hotels, restaurants and some of the biggest and professional companies in the world. I tell you this because I am constantly in contact with people providing service all over the world. I have been a healthy adult for almost 40 years, this is my first chronic pain (so I am not longer invincible). I have spend the last 19 months trying to find relief for my tail bone pain. I have been to 6 different specialists in NE OH. So I am not means an expert on health care, but I do consider myself an expert on a good service provider. I contacted Dr. Tenpenny’s office a week ago via email. I received an appointment in 2 days, I met with a chiropractor there and 3 business days later I was getting treatment from Dr. Tenpenny.  I am already seeing a 70% reduction in my pain.

“The service they are providing works. The front office staff is the most professional and happy/smiling staff I have dealt with. They are prompt, professional, make eye contact, smile and also pay attention to details, with meeting reminders via text or email. They even addressed and provided the bill in their envelope to send to my insurance company. Front lobby was spotless, modern facilities, and the bathrooms are immaculate. Dr. Grant was very knowledgeable. I never felt rushed, and he spent a fair amount of time diagnosing me and explaining how the Mannitol Injections work for my condition. Dr. Tenpenny has an amazing and calming bedside manner. She is pleasant and joyful, and brings a sense of peace into the room with her smile, caring attitude and desire to heal her patients. I would highly recommend their services because they get results. But it is a real pleasure doing business with this Company. For the state of healthcare today they are a gem in NE Ohio that goes to show, when you take care of people, your business will grow and prosper.” God Bless, Jesse D., Hudson.

I felt cared for

“After dealing conventionally with chronic pain I decided to see Sandi Asazawa. She immediately made me feel comfortable and sympathized with my emotions dealing with being in chronic pain. This was such a welcome change from my “regular” doctor. I always feel that Sandy takes the the time to actually discuss what is going on. I never feel rushed or just like another number that needs to be in and out in 10 minutes. She discussed all my treatment options in detail. This clinic always looks to get to the root of the problem and not chase after fixing symptoms.”

What a great place for my kids!

“We love Dr. Levitan as our holistic pediatrician and now also as my homeopathic physician! She is very knowledgeable and takes a whole body approach that is so reassuring. We always receive outstanding care at Tenpenny IMC!” ~ Gina Jones

My thyroid issues are getting resolution

“Great experience. The staff spent nearly two hours with me, and listened to my long list of health concerns. I especially benefited from the Thyroflex test,  as it was able to pick up my low thyroid despite “in range” blood work at other doctors. Highly recommend! ” ~Meredith Parris

Free from Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis

“I was at my wits’ end looking for help for my teenage daughter. I watched her struggle with asthma for several years. It had debilitating effects on her. When she had nine bouts of bronchitis within six months, it became obvious that traditional treatments weren’t working. TIMC provided the treatments she needed to free her from constant illness. Erin, her father and I have the utmost respect and appreciation for all the care and concern that has been shown to us throughout Erin’s treatments.” ~Cindy M., Wellington

No More Stomach Distress

“I brought my 11 year old son to be treated for his fructose intolerance. He had stomach distress and only felt better while on a restricted diet. We were concerned that the restrictions of no fruit and limited vegetables were unhealthy for a growing boy.  Since his treatments, my son can eat a healthy, well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables with no stomach distress! We HIGHLY recommend SRT, the allergy elimination treaments!” ~Ellen W., Bay Village

No Drug Can Compare

“My sinuses use to react severely to pollen and dust. Certain seasons made my sinuses go crazy. Now I enjoy every season. No more post nasal drip, nasal congestion and watery eyes. There isn’t a drug that works half as well as the SRT allergy elimination. Many of my friends and neighbors have children with pet allergies. Parents need to know you can help with these allergies too.” ~Karen D., Twinsburg

From Skeptic to Healthy Believer

“I was skeptical at first and didn’t pursue treatment at TIMC. However, after I passed the information on to a friend who subsequently obtained wonderful results, her success spoke volumes. The heartfelt plea from my friend to give you a try melted my remaining resistance. TIMC was the starting point of a journey that has spread well beyond improving my health.” ~Heidi H., Tionesta, PA.

“Sounding Good” and “Energetic”

“It`s a good feeling to be able to write this letter describing my progress over the past months. Mostly I felt very down, depressed and low in energy. Physical problems had already been dismissed. Your unfamiliar treatment methods and my own skepticism made it difficult to make the first appointment. However, my wife`s good experiences with Dr. Tenpenny in correcting her allergies and the feeling that something needed to be done got me started. After a rigorous program with Sandi Asazawa and others on staff there is a difference. I can`t define what I`m feeling as completely new, but the pressures just don`t seem as huge, and my ability to cope with situations has improved. People who did not know of my difficulties have recently commented: “sounding good” and “energetic.” I feel somehow different. So, yes, things are much better, and the curing process is in progress. Thanks for your help.” ~John G., Middleburg Hts.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Sinus Problems Relieved

“I urge everyone with irritable bowel syndrome to seek help at TIMC. I suffered several years with IBS, went through a lot of tests and a lot of agony before participating in their allergy elimination program. My bowel problems are gone, and the treatments also helped my sinus problems. The treatments are painless and I no longer have to take medication or shots!” ~Joanne B., North Olmsted

No More Dairy and Egg Allergy

“My son had severe egg and dairy allergies. With the help of TIMC, I don’t have to be concerned about reading labels anymore. Hunter’s allergies are gone. We were excited about Christmas cookies this year because he could actually have some. Thank you!” ~Beth L., Strongsville

Eating Real Food Again

“I want to express my gratitude for the successful treatments I have received over the last six months. I was unable to eat most things and experienced a lot of discomfort. Now I can eat many normal foods without the stomach problems I’d had for many years. The TIMC team did such a marvelous job when they treated me. I really appreciate all that they did to help. I would recommend your treatments to anyone who is having trouble with food and environmental allergies. Life is much better! Thanks again, and God Bless.” ~Barb R., Findlay, OH


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