Detox 360 Program

Feel sluggish? Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center’s Detox 360 program can change your life by eliminating toxins and teaching you how to eat gluten-free for a healthy life.

What are toxins?

Toxins are substances that have irritating and/or harmful effects on the body. They undermine health and stress the body’s biological functions. We are exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals every day: at work, at home, through the air we breathe, our food and water supply. Toxins come through vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and use of industrial chemicals and solvents. Multiple small exposures can be a destructive, insidious poisoning of our detoxification system, leading to large accumulation of multiple toxins in our fat cells, our liver and within the lymphatics.

Over the last 33 years, the EPA has only tested 200 chemicals of the more than 120,000 chemicals in use. In 2005, a study spearheaded by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) examined the umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in U.S. hospitals. Tests revealed a total of 287 chemicals, including pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage. Many of these are known carcinogens, brain irritants, and 208 were known to cause birth defects. Even before we are born, toxicities start to accumulate in our body.

The Detox 360 Program, designed by California certified nutritionist, Linda Clark, is a 5-week plan to eliminate toxicities and to reduce inflammation. Using supplements, homeopathic remedies and dietary changes, your organs will be cleansed and your energy will improve. Foods eliminated during the program are gluten, eggs, soy, and dairy. Yes, you can do it! The program workbook has with great recipes and meal plans for both vegetarians and omnivores, designed to alkalize and nourish the body with wholesome, fresh foods. Educational articles serve as a jumping off points for detailed discussion.

While learning to eat a new way with non-inflammatory foods, high quality supplements and homeopathic formulas from Apex Energetics are used to support the body’s detox pathways. While supplement selections are individualized, our experience shows that patients who use the assigned products during the cleansing program feel better and have better overall results. Children as young as 8yo can safely participate in a modified version of the program. If a parent goes through the program at the same time, it can be easier for the child to follow through and mom/dad can make it fun!

Everyone is so friendly and patient! I found help here after traditional medicine failed for YEARS! I am so grateful to have found this office! EVERYONE could benefit from coming here. Thank you!!!  Sandy F.  Medina, Ohio.  

Linda Clark suggests that the Detox 360 program be complete twice annually for general health maintenance. We concur. We live in an increasingly toxic world where simply eating organic is not enough. After going through Detox 360, we have seen patients with autoimmune conditions, arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and a long list of bowel conditions improve. While not specifically designed to be a weight loss program, we’ve seen patients lose up to 15 pounds on this program, by changing their diet, lowering inflammation by clearing out the toxins!

Dr. Janet Levatin leads this program for both adults and children. The only Certified Gluten Practitioner in Northeast Ohio, Dr. Janet really “walks the talk.” She has personally gone through the Detox 360 program(twice!) and lives a gluten-free, chemical-free lifestyle. She will share her expertise in healthful eating, gluten-free shopping, cooking, and dining out.

Call for a free, 15-minute consultation with Dr. Janet to discuss if this program is right for you!

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