Home Sleep Apnea Testing and Treatment

Most people don’t even know they have it. Yet, nearly 20 million people go undiagnosed each year in the US alone.

The problem, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), is interrupted breathing that occurs during sleep. Most often characterized by snoring, heavy breathing and choking, OSA can be relatively easy to treat, once it is diagnosed. However, due to an uncomfortable diagnostic method that includes spending the night wired to equipment in a sleep lab (while trying to sleep), only 10% of patients with OSA are ever appropriately identified.

An innovative clinical tool is available at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center that allows the diagnosis of OSA in the comfort of your own bed. The WatchPAT100 (WP100) is convenient, easy to use and proven to be as accurate as sleep lab testing for diagnosing your sleep disturbance.

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