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Our supplements are now available through our store! We take great pride in the products we have researched for your health.

All vitamins and supplements are regulated by the DHSEA Act, allowing vitamins to be sold as foods. This means that dosage and standardization are not as strictly monitored as pharaceutical drugs manufactured under the scrutiny of the FDA. Therefore, we firmly believe that when it comes to vitamins, you get what you pay for.  Our private-lable vitamin line, Crusadian Vitamins, and other brands that we have selected for sale at our clinic and in our store are what we feel are the best nutrients for getting healthy and staying well.

Products available through our store include:

  • Most products that are sold in the clinic.
  • Dr. Tenpenny`s books and DVDs on vaccination.
  • Dr. Tenpenny`s audio CDs on women`s health
  • Products and books produced by other businesses recommended by Dr Tenpenny

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