I woke up this morning thinking about the 1000s of people in the heartland of our country who are soon going to be homeless due to the rain, the floods and the opening of the floodgates along the Mississippi. One woman in particular haunts me. As she scrambled to pack a few things into her beater car, she choked back tears as she said, “We’ve never had much but we’re going to lose everything we have.”  I’m choking back tears now just thinking about her.

And they have said repeatedly the water is going to stand in all those houses for weeks, meaning, they will need to be destroyed due to mold.

Our food belt is being battered. Too bad the water being released on farm soil in Mississippi and Arkansas could not somehow be diverted to Texas, which is burning and the crops are lost, due to lack of water.  Only 1% of the corn has been planted across Ohio and Indiana due to mud. This morning, thousands of walleye have washed up on the shores of Lake Erie, no doubt poisoned by chemicals, garbage and land runoff carried into the Lake by the Maumee, the Cuyahoga and other swollen, rushing rivers. The need for personal food storage is a must. Set up a place in your basement or form a community co-op. Not only will food be more expensive in the future, there will definitely be less of it.

Along the Mississippi River our fellow Americans are becoming homeless and losing everything through quirks of nature. Could Habitat for America build homes for soon-to-be homeless Americans? Why aren’t Movie Stars, Rock Stars and Foundations holding fund raisers to take care of these families? Could Susan B Komen gives this seasons funds, raised through their 5k and 10k runs, to the heartland? Our people need it more than the drug companies they raise the money for.

Soon, the Weather Channel and CNN will start talking about something else; they have stopped talking about the homeless and the earthquake devastation in Japan, New Zealand, Santiago and Haiti. But this disintegration of homes and neighborhoods in our own Country will go on for months, probably years.

What can we do individually? How can we all make a difference? Where can we begin? Please post your thoughts. Let’s join together to see how we can help.