Vaccine Research Library

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If vaccines are so beneficial, why isn’t everyone in Universal agreement about how good they are?


Truth is, millions have begun to question what they have been told about vaccines. Questions such as:

  • Are vaccines really safe? What are the potential side effects?
  • Why are vaccines contaminated with stray animal viruses?
  • What about all those ingredients – can injecting formaldehyde, aluminum and Triton X100 into babies really be harmless?

Pro-vaccine information is as abundant and as easy to find as ice in Antarctica. But there is a large body of medical and scientific research quietly being published that shows the other side – the heartbreaking disasters and long-term health consequences caused by vaccines.

The problem is that locating this information can be challenging, difficult to interpret and very time consuming to dig out. The Vaccine Research Library aims to solve that perplexing problem.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, physician, educator, health freedom advocate, and expert on problems associated with vaccines and her team have assembled an ever-growing collection of scientific articles that debunk the conventional, pro-vaccine stance. The information has been organized into an easy-to-navigate repository.

The Vaccine Research Library has more than 9,000 links to abstracts and full-text articles, collected together, all for easy review. This collection represents THOUSANDS of hours of WORK and research time over five years, digging out the nuggets of information to support your position that vaccines can (and do) cause harm.

In the Vaccine Research Library you will find:

  • 100+ categories include:

    • Additives                                         • Adjuvants• Animal reagents and cell lines   • Chemicals
      • Preservatives                                  • Stabilizers• Adolescent vaccines                      • Individual vaccines

      • Vaccination exemptions               • Vaccine side effects

      • Vaccination legal issues                • Vaccine industry politics

    • • Special circumstances: Military, healthcare workers, pregnancy

  • 225+ pages of information and links
  • Archived Weekly Science Bites – FREE content to share on your FB page and more
  • Every Friday, we post 10-15 more articles ONLY from the conventional medical literature.

You have several membership options …including a 14- day FREE trial, with access to information on MMR, aluminum, and pertussis, to give you a taste of what the Library is all about.


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